swadhisthana, birthing mandalas & sweet surrender ...


Today I created a mandala for the imminent birth of our second child.  I had planned to do this some time ago but as I often hear in relation to second pregnancies - time has just slipped away ...

So last night I found myself researching into the wee small hours for the signs and signifiers that my birthing mandala should hold.  I began by looking into Swadhisthana Chakra - knowing that this chakra is positioned close to womb. Swadhisthana translated is 'swa' one's own and 'adhisthana' dwelling place, residence. How very apt! It is the chakra of creativity and sexual expression, is connected to the water element and to the moon's energy.  At the centre of my mandala is the symbol for Vam - the mantra associated with this chakra. Its colour is orange and it is represented as a six petal lotus flower.

Inside the symbol for Vam I have positioned the seven stars of the Pleiades constellation, which at this time of year is present in our southern hemisphere skies.  For me it has been a nightly point of reference and reflection for its beauty and for it's dreaming story of the Seven Sisters, common throughout many different aboriginal language groups across the country.  I  remember this story being told to me vividly by some central desert women during my years living in Alice Springs and it stays with me still ...

The central circle of my mandala is ten centimeters wide - representing dilation - the spiritual awakening of birthing - the opening of the mind body and spirit through surrender and acceptance - the rite of passage that is giving life ...

As my friend Paula says 'you cannot choose your birth or your death'.  However this birth is realised, focusing on Swadhisthana both before and after the birth will play an important part in my reaching acceptance with that process. It was a beautiful creating it today and has immediately helped me to focus my birthing energy. 

and from Rumi, a favourite passage on surrendering ...

The Grasses

The same wind that uproots trees
makes the grasses shine.

The lordly wind loves the weakness
and the lowness of grasses.
Never brag of being strong.

The axe doesn't worry how thick the braches are.
It cuts them to pieces. But not the leaves.
It leaves the leaves alone.

A flame doesn't consider the size of the woodpile.
A butcher doesn't run from a flock of sheep.

What is the form in the presence of reality?
Very feeble. Reality keeps the sky turned over
like a cup above us, revolving. Who turns
the sky wheel? The universal intelligence.

And the motion of the body comes
from the spirit like a waterwheel
that's held in a stream.

The inhaling-exhaling is from spirit,
now angry, now peaceful.
Wind destroys and wind protects.

There is no reality but God,
says the completely surrendered sheikh,
who is an ocean for all beings.

The levels of creation are straws in that ocean.
The movement of the straws comes from an agitation
in the water. When the ocean wants the straws calm,
it sends them close to shore. When it wants them
back in the deep surge, it does with them
as the wind does with the grasses.
This never ends.