the Golden Goddess [Tabebuia chrysantha] ...

the eager children 
are racing towards the light 
a quiet explosion, glowing bright
collecting each dying blossom with their hungry hands 
the earth, an illuminated carpet 
for bare feet to skip and delight,
enthusiatstic fingers collect bouquets 
make golden mountains
decorate hair 

this tree has offered of itself, this perfect day 
surrendered its treasure, a gifting of life
so perfect and unanimous, not a single fallen flower is blemished 
they lie so perfect, so fresh, the ground sings forth with life

for a year the children have played about this tree 
climbing its sparse craggy branches 
beneath its unassuming shade 
with no hint of the offering that was to unfurl

a tree can be GOD 
this apparition is worthy of worship
has burst forth, into yellow flames
and the children are running at day’s end, eager parishioners 
school bags discarded 
shoes cast aside 
this is a golden baptism, in the place between two churches
feet immersed in such colour, saffron
petals rain down from above
onto children, dancing and laughing below
every one,