firefly ...

Firefly (meditation by the pit) 

Wake at dawn
Sit by last night's fire - still smouldering
Place one dry branch on the coals
Make tea
Drink tea
Listen to red-tailed cockatoos cawing overhead 
Delight in the high blue sky and clear cool breeze
Leave tired children inside watching favourite shows on tv
Drink more tea
Repeat for three hours
Until the breeze picks up
And orange flames burst (suddenly?) into view
Dancing and licking their way over wood
Feel the flames' heat slip under the shade in which you sit
Trace the ash flaking its way into the air
And the smoke twirling through your hair
Here be 
A home
A hearth
A happiness
An archetypal presence
Think of the countless fires
That have given one such grace
A sense of place
A grounding 
amidst often infinite space 
A glowing heart 
A sun
All homes as one