dancing with caesar ...

Two days before new moon
Rocking you to sleep
In this white wicker chair
The far north sky is dark and alive
The Southern Cross and Pointers rise
Pleiades set some time ago
Behind the silhouette of the mango tree

Clouds drift by above
Soft rain warmly dripping - like tears without salt
No - my tears - they fall like rain
Teased by constellations I cannot name
Stars shining so bright you can see them fall

Wishing you into this space
Wishing you into place
I am dancing barefoot in the dark
My toes caress the cool damp grass
My hands caress this belly full
My hopes caress my failing will

Beautiful -                                             
you are firmly nestled in the clouds
I cannot draw you to the ground
Either way your time will come

Thy will be done
Thy will be done

How many births has the Milky Way witnessed
How many stars are in this sky …