frida & the Light ...

'The wound is the place where the Light enters you ... '

so open
this new reality
for ten days together 
closed in the Possum's Pouch
it is warm and dark 
and we work to find the light
to navigate 
this altered landscape 
the sky is filled with paper stars
silver and tinsel constellations 
we attempt to chart our course
[back?] home

you lead with your smile
pure and bright
i am thinking of Frida & the Light
that flowed 
in ways her body could not
and a spirit that plaster could not constrict
and wonder
what will this wound make of you
what gift will you make of this wound ...

your small hand in mine as you cry in the night
repeating the mantra

Frida Kahlo painting from her bed

'Don't grieve. 
Anything you loose comes around in another form ... '