a poem for Mark [to] Read ...

[the gift]

april 2012
Chopper Read tweeted
he has just weeks to live
‘the big C’
typed the BIG c
‘they say that I am going to die’
of all people Chopper
you would know
death is a hard bullet to dodge
once you are in its sights

you say ‘there’s no way out of it’
you 'wont steal a liver from a 10-year-old kid'

life no longer yours for the taking
it is never to late to give

[text copyright Bek Misic 2012]


thoughts on your 2nd birthday in March …

This two shall pass
to three and four
And the years shall flow like water; Fast
and just as hard to hold between ones fingers

Delicate girl
framed by the door
You must exit to enter; The world
is poised, wanting you to go find and seek

‘Bye mumma – play?’
Bag, shoes and phone
‘Bye mumma’ we rehearse; For the day
the words are real and you do not turn around

Time after time
this perfect child
marks me a fortunate mother; My
daughter in name only, you belong to the world

But for the Now
bless’d are we
entrusted with the journey; You are
beauty full, brimming over with love
the glass already broken - we savour every drop