under pleiades ...

Pleiades shimmers high above the mango tree
The moon is waxing two thirds full
I stand bare foot - pregnant with anticipation
As you grow with the moon
When this orb next glows round your time will be full
Already I am brimming over with you
Tonight the cool air brings such relief
A lightness my body has almost forgotten
The moonlight stamps our silhouette on the grass
With such clarity – I know your shape
The sweet breeze is moving through the trees
and the tiny clothes I have hung - fresh washed for you
are dancing – you are already here!
Bats above fly blind - betrayed by shadows below
Settle screeching in the Carpentaria palms
Soon I shall hear your first precious cry
But tonight we rest quiet in the waiting time
Above us the sky is so open so huge
So many stars to shine and fall
So many wishes
life... life... life...
I can only begin to imagine your potential

[image + text Bek Misic copyright 2012]