at the day's end ...

" There is nothing - absolutely nothing - 
half so much worth doing 
as simply messing about in boats ... "

[Kenneth Grahame - Wind in the Willows]


aplonis metallica - le sacre du printemps ...

early morning
high tide
the metallic/shining starlings'
staccato chatter 
over power lines
under cloudy skies
fig trees overflow 
with shabby nests
no pause 
no rests
 the humid air hums 
a thousand notes
perfectly chaotic 
perfectly composed 


talking to the clouds ...

"you must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds" 

[Henry David Thoreau]


vale sarah ....

So very sad to read today of the passing of the wonderful filmmaker and photographer Sarah Watt ...

sarah watt [image]

thank you Sarah
for making art from your life 
and for making your life an art 

and making our lives all the richer for it

Just two weeks ago Sarah gave an inspiring interview about her life and impending death in The Age titled When I'm Gone.  Today The Age published an incredible photograph of her looking impossibly gaunt and yet with a smile so vital it seemed to contradict her frail frame: Tributes flow for the director who gave her all. Last weekend in Brisbane at Folio Books I sat transfixed reading the book she and husband William McInnes have just released on their life together titled Worse Things Happen At Sea, a collection of personal essays and photographs of family life with their two children Clem and Stella.  In the interview, photograph and the book I could not help but be moved by two people who were determined to make the most of their families time together and Sarah's determination to use every last scrap of life she had left to create ... 

How easy it is to find excuses not to do so when we perceive our lives to be long - with the assumption that there will always be time around the corner.  Sarah's too early death at 53 is another reminder to me that we cannot afford to assume our trajectory - and the value in living each day as if it may be our last.  As a result she has left behind a body of writings, photographs, films and animations filled with humanity, humour and spirit ...

... vale Sarah - thank you ...


the 39th floor ...

her toe over the line she caressed cliff faces and tickled fate  

[journal entry: 2003]