dancing with rumi ... [dancing with caesar part II]

Rumi's birth cake - Sour Cherry - baked on his birthing day

Five days post new moon
Rocking you to sleep
in the fold of my arms
The waxing moon makes a picture book sky
Pleiades and Orion high
Fading fragments of this sweet day’s light
yet brightly shines this son

Clouds shifting colours above
Oblivious eye see only love, love
Tears of joy fall soft like rain
Blessed by constellations we cannot name
Stars falling to wish you well

Holding you in this space
Holding you in this place
We are dancing barefoot in the dusk
My toes caress the cool damp grass
My hands caress this tiny life
My hopes caress your future bright

Beautiful –                                         
you are gently nestled in my arms
My heart is captive to your charms
We are two who once were one

Your time has come
Your time has come

How many children has the Milky Way welcomed
How many stars are in this sky …

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