focus [microcosmos]

It is an odd sentence to write;

I found my latest artistic inspiration via the Gordonvale IGA Supermarket and a camera with mould trapped in its lens…

strange, but true…

After pushing two tired poets in an overloaded pram, in order to get some desperately needed ‘essentials’ [the only reason for which I can be found to visit the aforementioned location], I had sufficient stocks and was  headed for home. As I maneuvered the pram under the verandas that line the IGA I spied what a first glance seemed to be a stick, then a badly injured creature, then a Strong Stick Insect in perfect health – but struggling with finding it’s traction on the smooth tiles lining the pavement, in grave risk of meeting an unseemly death.  

Placing my hand down to provide a brief opportunity for escape I found this Anchiale briareus eager for rescue, and quite fond of its newfound support.  Thus I found myself singlehandedly pushing the aforementioned pram, children, and shopping, with my newfound friend settled onto my 'free' hand, ambling back home as the tropical sun shone down upon us.  By the time I had made the hot journey home, my traveling companion had made the trek up the sleeve of my shirt, over my hair and was contentedly embellishing my straw hat.

A surreal decoration, a touch Giacometti, Woman with Her Throat Cut ...

Alberto Giacometti, Woman with Her Throat Cut, 1932

As we were getting along so very well, I made the most of our camaraderie and took the opportunity to document our interaction and the rather beautiful form of this gamely gentle creature.

Reaching for my well-loved Canon G10, purchased in 2009, I sighed; anticipating the frustration of combining so photogenic a subject with the mould damaged lens of my very well traveled camera, fearing the results would leave much to be desired. 

I was delighted to find my fears were unfounded, as I made the unexpected discovery that the unshakeable mould only stamps its presence on images taken with the lens at its widest.  When zooming into a subject the camera performs as well as it ever did… and so came the invitation to embrace the potential and beauty to be found in the intimate…

As I photographed and then re-settled our new tenant into her[?] tree, I was enchanted with her delicate presence and delighting in observing her way of working with the world.  Then the front yard came alive with creative opportunities - now I was taking the time to pay attention…

And so passed this next small pocket of time as I, relishing in my renewed love of my creatively challenged equipment - focused - on the beauty unfolding effortlessly before me and snapped happily away… 

[more posts of the results to follow...]

As they say – less is more… 


feast [Myrciaria cauliflora] II

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature -- the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

[Rachel Carson, Silent Spring]

feast [Myrciaria cauliflora] II

the rains came to contradict the season
droplets united forming torrents
fervent yet fleeting
I woke at dawn and barefoot
stepped into a flood
and drowned 
in the scent so profound, yet elusive - familiar?
squelching through wet mulch, searching 
i pressed my face through the still damp foliage of the jaboticaba
delighted to once again find
the delicate white flowers 
decorating each skeletal branch
opened with such abundance and haste
before this moist present passed;
hard lime berries 
already taking form
alerting me to the feast that would soon be at hand

days later 
the berries are shiny purple aglow 
tight skins bursting with sweet white flesh
we gather together to harvest the riches
raining down upon us
we are many and varied, in age, experience and taste 
we are many yet united, in our mutual awe and delight
all are children, here 
in the shadows of this magnificent tree
hands over-filled, mouths chewing wildly
friar birds, fig birds, orioles, all are delighting

in the chance to join the jaboticaba feast

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”

[Henry David Thoreau, Walden]

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

[George Santayana]