I just CAN'T DO Campbell's...

I just CAN’T DO Campbell’s.  Sorry Mr Newman, but I cannot digest the LNP’s offerings of the last one hundred [or so] days you have been in office; beginning with the cancellation of the Premier’s Literary Awards,  your inhumane stance on  Gay Surrogacy, the axing  of the Fanfare biennial music festival for Queensland State School Bands, and voting to end Abstudy.  Each passing day it seems I read of another new policy direction we ‘have’ to take to reduce our 'budget deficit'.   But to what end Campbell? At the expense of our creativity, compassion and humanity?

I arrived in Queensland less than two years ago as an artist, educator, and mother to a growing family. In spite of my newfound State experiencing a cruel and relentless series of natural disasters I felt a sense of community, stoicism and optimism amongst this place and its people.  I was proud of how people rallied together to look after family, friends and strangers in need. Suddenly all of this seems in jeopardy as your policies begin to divide and isolate.   The LNP Government has come to power with a Tsunami-like majority and seems hell bent on eroding the very qualities that inspired my family to build our lives here. 

But Campbell, it is not too late for you to prove me wrong.  I am really hoping that in the next 100 [or so] days you will find the ingredients required to make a future in Queensland a lot more palatable.    

Oh and I hope you like the picture; something I cooked up on Photoshop for you...

[image + text by Bek Misic (and Andy Warhol) copyright 2012] 
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flying kites ...

Today the brown kites are flying high in the clear skies
In their dozens they circle, perfectly composed
rising to great heights with such grace and perspective
these massive brown birds that spin slowly around
then land firm on the ground,
confident of their magnificent potential

Days earlier; our rainbow kite danced on a string
to the sound of children, laughing with delight
the kite flying higher – and I - running in circles to keep it aloft ...

Sometimes life’s winds lifts us effortlessly; sometimes we have to work hard 
to rise above the world
Sometimes life’s winds beat down upon us, and we search to find shelter
Sometimes the winds are too strong to bear;
But there - flying high above - are the memories of kites,
of circling rainbows; and large brown wings - perfectly engineered for the kill -
and the insects they prey upon; flying through the air on their own life’s journey

delighted and impervious, as they fulfill their destiny -
to be consumed …

[text & photography by bek misic - copyright - 2.7.12]