the invitation

in the poinciana
the dark cool air anticipating
the sun's arrival
of spangled drongos hiss
from branch to branch
fan tale telling
to those who have woken early
willing to listen

pied butcher birds chortle
and warble away
the myna chords of foreign invaders*
[this morning happily
their number is greater]
the enemy retreats
now they are shining black
sharp beaked and smiling over their territory
for this day
i am sitting barefoot in the morning chill
fingering warmth from a hot cup of tea
the cold has caught me
off guard - my senses
stand to attention

without pomp or ceremony
the door swings open
a shaft of gold
settles over leaves
grants form to trees
and gently glows
inviting those present to

be this [enlightenment]

*indian myna birds - also known as 'the flying cane toad' these birds are wrecking havoc on native species in these and many other parts - read more on these delightful aviators here