baba - the septuagenarian

today we celebrate baba becoming a septuagenarian...

[at least in dog years]
happy 10th birthday baba

baba and i became a family some years ago in alice springs 

from the moment she arrived at my door with dani and sue, in need of a home 

i knew we were destined to be together... now our family has grown, 

but baba you will always be my first true love... 

baba arrived with her name already in place... and it is quite an esteemed name at that...

b a b a 

One of the very ancient Sumerian goddesses, whose name is well attested in texts since the Fara period, especially in personal names. Kings mention Her in their royal inscriptions (ex. Uruinimgina, Entemena). 

As a manifestation of the Great Mother Goddesses, She was responsible for the fertility of human beings and animals, the very Lady of Abundance. 

As the wife of Ningirsu, She formed part of the Lagash pantheon; Her temple there was the E-urukuga. At the New Year´s Festival, the city celebrated Her Sacred Marriage with Ningirsu. There was also a temple to Baba in Uruk. 

She is the recipient of numerous votive offerings, especially during the Neo-Sumerian period (Gudea). At this time Baba became known as the daughter of Anu, the Skyfather and the planet Venus. 

During the Old Babylonian period She became identified with the goddess of healing, Bau/Gula, Ninisinna and Inanna. Towards the end of the second millennium BCE, she also appeared in connection with magick, equated with Ningirim, the goddess of incantations.  

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yea baba 
i look forward to our next ten years