the sky dogs ...

moon round and full
casting shadows on the lawn
clear as day in the slient night
crickets chirrup
the sky is open - breathing
stars glisten softly, competing with the moon’s light
all of this quietly contradicting
the quick fury of this afternoon’s storm
which arose from nowhere
thick and fast
spiraling forth clouds mad as dark gods
growling thunder and lightning sharp as teeth

we three sat together at the threshold
as the elements unfurled
rumi in my arms and dante at my side
‘rain ooomi – rain’
‘funder ooomi – funder’
‘a boom! – a boom! – ooomi’
‘rain ooomi – rain’

the wind blasts the cool droplets onto our faces
and smatters washing from the line over the lawn
dante and I are laughing
rumi - in his first summer storm
nestles into my arms - eyes open wide
we three reveled in this great dark dog
that departed as fast as it arrived