Casuarius casuarius ...

                    dawn at Etty Bay
                    a photographer keenly paces the sand 
                    his eyes peeled, fingers poised
                    to create a photogenic memory

                    myriad unacknowledged hues 
                    shimmer and shift between sky and sea
                    jagged silhouettes of rocks 
                    cut into delicate pastel tones
                    the sun departs the horizon line 
                    and begins its upward trajectory
                    crepuscular rays unseen 
                    through the eager lens, searching 
                    the foliage for its subject
                    'when and where will it come? 
                    I don't have much time; how long will it take?'

                    the sun has risen above the cloud line 
                    my answer animated by my shadow
                    some elements of nature cannot be timed; the tide

                    etches its way along an empty beach
                    the cassowary is non-compliant