willow dilemma [the kitchen incident]...

'Viciousness in the kitchen! 
The potatoes hiss.'

[Sylvia Plath - Lesbos]

The latest victim of the kitchen [pictured above] is a much adored Burleigh Ware 'Willow' plate that I found only a few years ago [for a steal] at a local garage sale. It was a beautiful plate, assigned a very specific purpose - for the grating and presentation of hard cheeses, and in both its form and its function it gave great delight.

So it is that I have to confess wincing a little over this one - our time together seeming entirely too short. Sadly it seems I lacked the forethought to have captured even a simple image of the plate before its graceful fall from its poorly chosen position; atop the drying rack I was pawing through, on my pre-dawn quest for percolator parts and a freshly brewed cup of coffee...

is one to discard the broken shards and be content to cherish the memories of the object as a whole, unbroken? Or does one take to the shards, glue in hand, and strive to hold together that which has been shattered in an attempt to extend the life [support] of an object that can never realistically regain its former function and purpose.

the object was already broken, even when perfect and first caressed by your hands. You have lived with it, loved it and now it is time to let go. Now is the time to gracefully surrender ones attachment; the object as it was, is no more... the object never was really yours... it shared your life for a time, now past... 

head out into the world with eyes fresh and hands open; beauty abounds... 

“Don't despair: despair suggests you are in total control and know what is coming. 
You don't - surrender to events with hope.”

[Alain de Botton]