that which lies beneath ...

Dante [at nearly three years old] is quite the junior medic...!

[scream from Rumi out in the backyard...]
me [from kitchen] 'What is going on out there Dante?'
dante [yelling] 'Rumi wants my Froggie!!!'
[more screaming]
me [running outside before an injury is made to Rumi] 'Can you please just share it with him?!?!'
dante [alarmed and very serious] 'Oh NO Mumma! I just put his Emla cream on!!!'
me [trying to control my laughter as I realise that Froggie has a square patch on his face...]
'Wow Dante - it looks like you have done a great job with Froggie; can I please get the camera and take a picture?'
[I distract Rumi and get the camera. Dante obliges for just one photo, before starting to remove Froggie's patch...]
'Dante, please don't take the patch off yet! I am taking a picture of the Emla cream!!'
dante [in her best teacher's voice] 'No Mumma...' [continuing to remove patch] 'That's JUST the patch - the Emla cream goes underneath, on Froggie's skin*!!!'

of course it does...  what was I thinking...!

*note to anyone concerned - no there was not any actual cream under the patch; unless you  were an [almost] three year old with a passion for medicine and a vivid imagination...

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