the return of aplonis metallica ...

metallic/shining starling aplonis metallica, flying inYarrabah 2011

the metallic/shining starlings have returned
to again grace our shores
all glossy black a-shimmer - together
dipping turning twirling
all a-chatter 
scattered through the branches 
of three trees 
where they will make their wet season home

last year i watched with delight 
at the villages 
by the all-seeing all-knowing
a-glowing red eye
and the teams together foraging
alternating with those guarding
co-operation on such a scale 
 the indian mynas* could but stare!

remaining until the young shone too 
by april flew
trees shedding leaves
to reveal
nest after empty nest 


comes ever august
now thick with green 
these branches team 
with life 

metallic/shining starlings aplonis metallica, guarding nests, Yarrabah 2010

metallic/shining starlings aplonis metallica, guarding nests, Yarrabah 2010