This is the first post of my new blog - traces -  my other blog idle & blessed is still going and is connected to my etsy store - but i felt the need to demarcate art from craft - not that the two are mutually exclusive - but each needs its own space to breathe...

a drawing completed some years ago 
posting now
to rekindle the conversation
collect the needle between finger and thumb 
and find the thread again
the strata of memory

below - Yarrabah TTV of an Argoflex 75

and below a few of the many encounters with the myriad of creatures who also call this part of the world home...

one of the many wild horses that delight with their freedom of movement and spirit

the papuan frogmouth chick who sporadically resides just near to our balcony...

camp dog walking along mission bay

tent spiders dancing in the afternoon breeze