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Trace / treis / n., v., traced, tracing. – n.
1. a mark, token, or evidence of the former presence, existence, or action of something; a vestige. 2. a mark, indication, or evidence. 3. a record traced by a self-registering instrument. 4. a tracing, drawing, or sketch of a thing. 5. [esp. pl.] the track made or left by the passage of a person, animal, track, or thing – v.t. 6. to follow the footsteps, print, tracks, or traces of. 7. to follow or make out the course line of: to trace a river to its source. 8. to follow the course, development, or history of: to trace a political movement. 9. to find by investigation; find out; discover. 10. to copy [a drawing, plan, etc.] by following the lines of the original on a superimposed transparent sheet. 11. to draw [a line, outline, figure, etc.]. 12. to make a plan, diagram, or map of. 13. to make or ornament with lines, figures, etc. 14. to make an impression or imprinting of [a design, pattern etc.]. 15. to put down in writing.